Top Ten Pet Peeves of 2010

7 Jan

I thought it would be appropriate, in light of the New Year, to outline my top 10 pet peeves from recruiting in 2010 that will likely not be going away in 2011. Then, in each post to follow, I will elaborate one by one.

1. Purse on the table (Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably guessed this would be #1)
2. Resumes written in 3rd person
3. Canned interview answers that don’t answer my question
4. Pushy interview follow ups
5. Bad references
6. Unwillingness to talk straight about compensation
7. Irrelevant and poorly written objectives
8. Cover Letters, period. (Why only 1% are worth reading and how you can be part of that 1%)
9. Candidates who apply to every job opening I have
10. Unprepared interviewers


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