My New Blog – An Introduction

7 Jan

Hi, and welcome to my first post.

I have been tweeting for about 8 months and my followers have been encouraging me to start this blog so here we go!

To start, I would like to set your expectations so you are aware of what you may be getting into with me. I am impatient, blunt and I hate excuses. I work hard to be good at my job and I hold the bar very high for colleagues, candidates and my team. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know it all, and I try to learn from mentors in the industry, other cynical HR bloggers and more or less everyone I come in contact with.

I am a fast talker, a horrible speller and I tend to have a very messy office. Due to the recession, and my over-achiever attitude, as a Recruiting Manager now, I do the jobs of an entire department, by myself. My job is to write job descriptions, post them, screen resumes, schedule interviews, interview candidates and then either reject them, file them away for future opportunities or extend an offer. It is from these experiences every day that I pull my tweets/now blog post topics from, and I hope they either help your job search, interviewing techniques or just make you laugh. I will emphasize that I will never purport to be the “end all-be all” of HR advice – in fact other recruiters may disagree with what my viewpoints are. I expect that and it’s OK. There are many scenarios that may garner different advice from me on the same question. For example, if you ask me about salary negotiation, my answer will be different for someone making 6 figures than someone at $50K. I am happy to help if you have a question, just try to be as specific as possible so I can be specific in my answer.

Given that, I hope I can shed some light on the inner workings of a corporate HR department to help everyone out there looking for a job, attack their job search with a well thought out strategy and not make the same mistakes I see daily that may be ruling them out after interviews.

I thought it would be appropriate, in light of the New Year, to outline my top 10 pet peeves from recruiting in 2010 that will likely not be going away in 2011. Then, in each post to follow, I will elaborate one by one.

1. Purse on the table (Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably guessed this would be #1)
2. Resumes written in 3rd person
3. Canned interview answers that don’t answer my question
4. Pushy interview follow ups
5. Bad references
6. Unwillingness to talk straight about compensation
7. Irrelevant and poorly written objectives
8. Cover Letters, period. (Why only 1% are worth reading and how you can be part of that 1%)
9. Candidates who apply to every job opening I have
10. Unprepared interviewers


2 Responses to “My New Blog – An Introduction”

  1. ecoquisitive January 7, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Fantastic, glad you started this!

    Those are great (and very valid) pet peeves. Looking forward to your posts!

  2. @careerjkm January 7, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    welcome to blogging. I always appreciate your insight. Happy new year!

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